Working with ACS Consultancy Group for your SIA Approved Contractor’s Scheme?

We are committed to delivering exceptional client service. Clearly, that means delivering a robust, high-quality and transparent audit. It also means creating value from our audit. Whether the owners of the business are institutions, private equity firms, or individuals, our audit will provide value and trust.


We invest heavily in our people, both partners and staff. We ensure that they have the skills and the experience to deliver quality audits. We also demand that they take the time needed to properly understand you and your business. Every business is unique and faces a unique set of circumstances. It is only by understanding that, that we are able to deliver exceptional client service.


We are also investing in technology in order to improve the quality of our audits. By using advanced data analytics, we are able to process financial data faster and more effectively. This can reduce costs, but the real benefit to you is that our specialist staff can focus on delivering value.
SIA Approved Contractor’s Scheme


Our team will ‘do the work’ not simply advise you on what is required. This will allow you to carry on running the business while the systems are developed. Our proposal will include:
  • Attend site and ascertain business and support procedures.
  • Produce draft ACS system, tailored to your business and branded with logos and information.
  • Return to site and review the draft system with appropriate management team.
  • Make any amendments to the system.
  • Return to site and run through each procedure with the relevant member of staff and the associated documents/forms.
  • Agree timescales for relevant staff to commence immediate use of the documentation and complete any required documentation such as supplier lists, management action lists, etc.
  • Undertake Pre-assessment of the system to ensure all elements are covered and all are prepared for assessment.
  • 1st day assessment attendance.
  • 12 months telephone support after assessment.
The security services eligible for Approved Contractor status are:
  • BS 7499 Static Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol
  • BS 7960 Door Supervision
  • BS 7858 Security Screening
  • BS 7958 CCTV
  • BS 7872 Cash in Transit
  • BS 7984 Key Holding and Response Services